15 Questions about the orthodontist’s collection

1 .Why missing teeth ?

  1. Missing teeth , what harm it?

3 .Irregular teeth there any way to treat it?


4.Straightening teeth only teenagers can do ? Can adults make correction ?

5.Children teething period should not corrected ?

6.When the correction is best ?

7.Correction methods are there?

8.Straightening teeth how long ?

9.Straightening teeth will cause loose teeth ? Will old tooth ?

10.Why the need straightening teeth extractions ?

11.Straightening teeth will ache ?

12.Correcting what needs to be done to check ?

13.Suffering from periodontal disease Can do dental misalignment correction ?

14.After the completion of why you need to wear corrective retainer ?

15.There seems some of the more beautiful appliance ?


1.Why missing teeth ?

For many reasons , including genetic factors and environmental factors.

Environmental factors also includes congenital and acquired factors .

Congenital refers to a variety of factors affect fetal growth and development in the process of being in the mother’s womb , nutritional and metabolic disorders may be the mother or fetus or mother suffering from rubella virus, being the mother during pregnancy or birth trauma injuries caused during childbirth .

Acquired factors are noted after birth in the growth and development impact . ( 1 ) Disease : Some acute infectious diseases , certain chronic wasting disease may affect the teeth and jaw development. Endocrine disorders , especially vitamin deficiency or malnutrition may affect the development of the teeth and jaw . ( 2 ) breathing and swallowing dysfunction may affect the teeth and jaw development. ( 3 ) bad habits such as biting , lip biting habit or Yaoxia Chun , Shenshe or tongue habits. ( 4 ) deciduous or mixed dentition problems . Including premature loss of deciduous teeth , baby teeth can not afford to delay , premature loss of permanent teeth , permanent teeth eruption sequence disorders, etc. can cause tooth missing.


2 .Missing teeth , what harm it?

First: the impact face appearance

Second: the missing tooth brush toothbrush easily lead is not clean, it is easy to grow caries and calculus , the impact of dental and periodontal health.

Third: Because the relationship between the upper and lower bad bite can affect eating, chewing function decline , increased burden on the stomach , thus affecting their health.

Fourth: sometimes affect pronunciation.

Fifth : Some children because the teeth look ugly, derided students or small partners , thus becoming self-esteem , affect mental health.

So do you think there are so many irregular teeth actually harm , that the parents of all children are able concerned about the child ‘s teeth checked regularly , give the child a pair of neat beautiful , healthy teeth , but also give children confidence.



3.Irregular teeth there any way to treat it?

Irregular teeth can be corrected . Many people think it looks like the teeth are parents and can not change it. Development of the times , and this old idea is also to make a change . Straightening teeth is also a discipline called Orthodontics . It has been 100 years of history.


4.Straightening teeth only teenagers can do ? Can adults make correction ?

And young children , like adults also can do orthodontics . So believe in science, you also have the right to the pursuit of beauty .


5.Children teething period should not corrected ?

Children teething period except for the following circumstances, generally do not need correction.

(1) Under severe maxillary or mandibular bone deformities , such as the performance of the front teeth too protrusion, lip protrusion, tooth pocket

( 2 ) bad habits seriously affect dental development. If Yaoxia Chun habits, eating habits fingers , mouth breathing habits, tongue habits.

( 3 ) the individual teeth serious dislocation , such as reversing the teeth ; individual crossbite ( upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth ) .

In the permanent teeth will appear when some temporary malocclusion , these cases include : mild crowding, there is a gap between the front teeth , bite deep. Parents see these situations, please do not worry. With the gradual growth of a child, that malocclusion will gradually disappear or ease , so there is no need for correction .


6 .when the correction is best ?

Generally the best girls 10-12 years old correction , correction of the best boys 11-13 years old . At this point just finished replacing deciduous .

But for children with bone deformities , especially with ” pocket teeth ,” the child, the doctor should recommend early treatment in mixed dentition . Early treatment helps to use a child ‘s growth and development trends in the peak of blocking the growth of abnormal , it is directed properly.


7 .correction methods are there?

Activities appliance : Commonly used in the deciduous dentition and relatively simple mistake and deformity correction , or with fixed appliance for correction . Patients can pick their own wear .

Fixed sedan rule is : the most commonly used appliances . Patients themselves can not pick to wear .

Governance is the function of the car : mainly used dentition or just finished changing teeth still in the peak of the growth and development of children , the use of functional appliances can correct the mistake and skeletal deformities .

Orthognathic surgery : severe maxillofacial deformities, such as maxillary protrusion , maxillary reduction, mandibular protrusion, mandibular retrusion , when a simple correction can not be resolved, through surgery and orthodontic treatment approach.


8 .straightening teeth how long ?

Generally takes a year and a half to the correction of about two years . Children generally faster than adults , extraction treatment than non-extraction treatment time is longer . Complex than a simple mistake and deformities and malformations wrong treatment on time. Skeletal deformities than mere correction of dental deformities of time longer. Everyone’s situation is different, to specific conditions , the treatment time also specific conditions . After the correction is completed, which normally takes about a year to wear the retainer half .


  1. straightening teeth will cause loose teeth ? Will old tooth ?

When correction of the teeth by the force generating process will be a slight movement of the loose , but after a period of time , the alveolar bone around the teeth remodeled , teeth will change again as solid after treatment is completed and before. So old teeth will fall worried they did not need it.


10 .why the need straightening teeth extractions ?

Correction takes approximately 50% of patients require extraction.

The purpose of extraction :

( 1 ) the use of extraction space aligned crowded teeth. The possibility of crowding degree II-III patients in large extraction .

( 2 ) the use of extraction will close the gap between the front teeth , arch suddenly improve , improve surface type . For instance, some people compare lip protrusion , protrusion after tooth extraction correction lips become smaller , more beautiful face type of change.

( 3 ) the use of dental occlusion after extraction gap adjustment , making the cusp fossa staggered , occlusal contact area , optimal chewing efficiency.


11 .straightening teeth will ache ?

Usually just wear a fixed appliance and every referral after 3-6 days , will feel some pain , inability to chew , these days you can eat softer foods. Usually the pain will gradually reduce until it disappears .


12 .correcting what needs to be done to check ?

General correction to be done before the following checks:

( 1 ) teeth India : ( that is to take the model ) and the situation is right or wrong for doctors to diagnose and design , and for comparison in the future course of treatment checks.

( 2 ) Camera : Before treatment, according to doctors conventional occlusal facial photos and photos of the patient should be left to the future for comparison with the end of treatment .

(3) X -ray examination : head shot of each patient conventional radiographs and full panoramic radiographs .

( 4 ) develop a treatment plan : doctor based models , photographs and X-ray, measured, calculated , diagnosis malocclusion types, and develop a detailed treatment plan. Then the doctor to explain the treatment plan to the patient and family members of patients to seek the views of patients and their families . After the treatment plan was finalized , the patient or the patient’s family to sign the consent form.

( 5 ) the specific treatment process.

After ( 6 ) treatment appliance removal , wear a retainer.


13 . suffering from periodontal disease Can do dental misalignment correction ?

Many patients with periodontal disease often find their teeth misalignment occurs slowly , and there have been a gap between the front teeth , and growing, seriously affecting the facial appearance, many patients also feel distressed. In fact, this situation can be resolved by way of correction . After all periodontal treatment system , periodontal disease under control, the patient’s own master maintain oral hygiene methods , you can wear a fixed appliance treatment.

General teeth with periodontal disease , after correction, the tongue side of the teeth need to glue the wire to maintain a fixed position permanently keep their teeth , but also play a role in maintaining periodontal health .


14 . after the completion of why you need to wear corrective retainer ?

After the completion of corrective appliance removal , teeth become pretty neat , but that’s just half the Long March is gone , then you have to wear a retainer. Because the teeth in the new position is not stable, must use dental retainer to maintain the position of waiting for the new bone remodeling , generally for one year and a half .

There are activities and fixed retainer two ways. Fixed retainer , also known as permanent retainer , commonly used in adult patients.


15 . there seems some of the more beautiful appliance ?

There are many adults would very much like straightening teeth , but for wearing braces after the ” steel mouth iron teeth” hesitates , for aesthetic reasons, people invented transparent brackets and lingual braces . Transparent brackets and tooth color closer , so it’s not very obvious. The lingual braces are attached to the inside of the bay by the tongue side of the teeth , so can not be seen from the outside .


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