Use the correct method of brushing

Correct method of brushing teeth and can effectively remove plaque and periodontal tissue debris, can play a role in the prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease . Therefore, the promotion does not damage the teeth and periodontal tissues vertical brush method. When maxillary teeth after brushing , the toothbrush is placed on the maxillary teeth, the bristles and teeth was 45 degrees , then turn the brush, the brush down on various parts of the brush about 10 times to repeat the same in the brush outside the law . Brush mandibular posterior teeth , the toothbrush is placed on the mandibular teeth, tooth brush and continued to show a 45 -degree angle , rotating brush, brush from the bottom up , repeated about 10 times each part , outside in the same brush method . On the same mandibular anterior teeth and posterior teeth brush method method . Brush surface of anterior teeth and lower jaw front teeth tongue , brush can be established, that the tooth brush from top to bottom , brush the lower teeth from the bottom up . Occlusal surfaces of the upper and lower tooth brush , tooth occlusal surface of the toothbrush is placed , a little harder to brush back and forth horizontally .


Use a good toothbrush


Toothbrush screening methods are: surface finish, best quality nylon yarn ; thickness moderate, rounded tip bristles , rounded handle passing through , in order to avoid injury to the gums ; brush with short , narrow suitable for flexible change direction .


Regular replacement of toothpaste


Flora in the mouth in a state of balance , they will live in peace with you , once flora imbalance, the largest regulars is a mouth ulcer ! The toothpaste will be targeted each kill harmful bacteria, while some of the native oral innocent beneficial bacteria will suffer long-term use , significantly reducing the original twelve oral bacteria, flora coordinating role out of balance , a number of oral diseases will be the unexpected .


Often knock teeth


Since ancient times, good health who have emphasized the ” teeth should always knock .” Early morning , late into the diet , teeth and gums meridians is not sufficient, gently knocking teeth , to promote its unobstructed blood to protect the teeth.


Chew properly


The proper way to chew chewing on both sides , so as often as unilateral chewing , then the lack of physiological side without sexual stimulation, disuse atrophy organization prone , and often overloaded chewing side , could easily lead to tooth marrow inflammation, and cause the face is not correct, affect the appearance.


Often drink tea


Fluorine in tea , there is the role of prevention of dental caries , tea or tea mouthwash can receive dental care and oral cleaning Changyin .


Correct bad habits


Some infants and young children due to thumb sucking , licking teeth, teeth, mouth breathing , lip biting and other habits , causing dental malocclusion , consciously correct bad habits conducive to dental care , dental malalignment should be corrected as soon as possible .


Recipes wide good nutrition


Tooth development is inseparable from a variety of nutritious foods . Therefore, whether adults or children, diet diversification , not a partial eclipse . Careful service of certain drugs tetracycline , chlortetracycline , doxycycline and other drugs can make yellow or enamel hypoplasia, dental caries -prone in the future . Thus , pregnancy, lactation and infant not a lot , or long-term use of these drugs. Kai prevent dental trauma without caps and other hard objects , to prevent tooth damage.


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